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Team Gear Guide: How to Stand Out With Sweet Uniforms

You’ve formed the team, you’ve mastered the game. You’re ready to win. The only thing left to accomplish? Team gear to get you to the finish line.

Whether you’re coaching a high school team, or have joined your co workers together for some company softball, you need to look the part.

You need uniforms that show your opponent you’ve come to play.

Or at least show them that you’ve come to have fun, and look great doing it!

Before you send something basic to a printer in the interest of keeping it simple, make sure you’ve done your homework.

Chances are, it’s not in the budget to deal with mistakes or disgruntled team members who are dissatisfied with anything from style to fit.

You can’t be a winning team under those circumstances!

Start strong right out the gate. Check all your boxes to make sure your team has the gear they need… because when you feel like a winner, it’s easier to be one, right?

Step #1: Design Trends

Be a leader. Bring some options to the table. It’s okay to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your team gear.

Some questions to ask to narrow down your design include:

  • Is there a strict color palette we need to use?
  • What existing team gear can serve as inspiration?
  • Do we have a logo? If not, do we want to design one?

Fan and team gear has always been a creative way to show school spirit or team pride no matter what the sporting event.

Don’t let your team look outdated, dull or boring.

You want your uniforms to look so good that the fans can be inspired to rock the same design!

That means paying attention to the latest trends to find a winning look for your team. It also means thinking outside the box.

Current trends for team gear include:

  • Black shirts with team colors as accents
  • Bright colors that stand out
  • Matching warm-up gear

Hint: get inspiration from Pinterest!
team gear inspiration

Knowing all the options and trends available is the first step in making sure you find a design that gets your team excited to get out there and play.

Step #2: Logos and Licensing

Are you borrowing your team name from a professional sports organization?

For example, many little league teams are named after existing MLB teams.

If this is the case, you might want to stop and think before you put a big official logo on the front of your shirt.

Fact: You can not print the logo of any MLB, NFL, NBA or other professional sports team without paying hefty licensing fees.

But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. If your team has their hearts set on being the “White Sox”, there are many legal ways to eliminate any risks.

These include:

  • Simply using the team name in your choice of font
  • Designing a unique logo that is similar to the official logo
  • Purchasing licensed gear through an official site like Majestic and get your individual names and numbers printed through an independent printer

team gear garment supplier example

Logos and licensing is a factor that many team leaders don’t think about when designing their team gear.

Of course, if you have a unique team name and logo, you don’t have any legal worries!

Step #3: Securing Sponsors

If you don’t want to copy a professional sports team, and coming up with your own name and logo isn’t quite your speed, you have another great option: finding a team sponsor.

You can ask a local business to sponsor your team and pick up the tab for your team gear.

What do they get in return, you ask?

A lot! As your team sponsor, a local business can enjoy:

  • A low-cost and highly visible form of advertising
  • Increased community involvement
  • Unlimited VIP front row seats to watch your team win in their high quality team gear

What small business wouldn’t want a chance to give back to the community and see their name represented in such a fun way?

team gear in action

To secure a sponsor for your team, simply contact a local business and explain to them the benefits listed above.

Hint: find small businesses whose target market would be in attendance at your games!

Step #4: Order Forms

Once you check off all your boxes for design, logos and sponsors, it’s time to create your order forms.

When it comes to securing the best gear for your team, you’re not out of the woods yet.

The order form can make or break your team gear.

Being too generic or forgetting small but important details can lead to a costly reprint; something that is likely not in the budget.

What should be included on this vital order form, you ask?

When printing off and handing out an order form, be sure to include all of the following:

  • Separate lines for first and last name
  • Directions for names be printed in all caps
  • Desired number
  • All size options listed
  • Specify if size is adult, male, female; have space for them to say which they want if there are options
  • Preview/mockup image of team gear

When you find your printer (link to previous blog article about hiring the best printer) they can help you create an order form for your team.

Or,  in many cases they can create one for you based on the information they need to fulfill your order.

order your team gear at Great Apparel for you

At the end of the day, the most important part of your team gear isn’t the color combination or choosing the trendiest design.

It’s knowing you have the resources available to make your vision a reality.

It’s having the support you need to make sure your team knows their voices are heard, and that they’re getting the best quality service and end product.

In short, it’s truly a team effort!

Visit to get a quote. Learn how we can turn your custom team gear dreams into a reality so you can be ready to win!